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Venus hair fern (Adianthum capillus veneris - Avenca) 500g

Venus hair fern (Adianthum capillus veneris - Avenca)  500g

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Venus hair fern

(Adianthum capillus veneris - Avenca)



Family: Adiantaceae
Genus: Adiantum
Species: capillus-veneris
Synonyms: Adiantum capillus, A. michelii, A. modestum, A. schaffneri, A. tenerum
Common Names: avenca, maidenhair fern, adianto, alambrillo, barun, cabello de venus, capilera, capille e jenere, celantillo, centaurea, cilantrillo, culandrillo, culantrillo de pozo, culantrillo, fern karn dam, frauenhaar, hansraj, helecho culantrillo, herba capillorum veneris, ladies' hair, venus hair fern
Part Used: Leaves, rhizome


The main uses of maidenhair have known to be for respiratory problems such as cough, cold, fever, pneumonia, and mucous formation.

Maidenhair is also useful in hair loss, gallstones, menstrual disorders, and purifies blood and liver.

The properties administered to maidenhair are said to be anti-bacterial, anti-candidal, anti-viral, contraceptive and hypoglycemic.

The decoction prepared from maidenhair works as cough suppressant, expectorant, menstrual stimulant and decongestant.


Amazonia for blood cleansing, coughs, excessive mucous, menstrual problems, respiratory problems, urinary disorders, urinary insufficiency, and to increase perspiration
Brazil for asthma, bronchitis, childbirth, cough, digestion, excessive mucous, flu, hair loss, kidney problems, laryngitis, menstrual disorders, respiratory problems, rheumatism, throat (sore) urinary insufficiency, and to stimulate the appetite
Egypt for asthma, chest colds, cough, edema, flu, hepatitis, snakebite, spider bite, splenitis, urinary insufficiency, and to increase perspiration
England for asthma, cough, hair loss, jaundice, kidney stones, menstrual disorders, pleurisy, shortness of breath, swellings, urinary insufficiency, yellow jaundice
Europe for alcoholism, bronchitis, bronchial diseases, cough, dandruff, detoxification, diabetes, excessive mucous, flu, hair loss, menstrual problems and to sooth mucous membranes
India for boils, bronchial diseases, colds, diabetes, eczema, fever, menstrual problems, skin diseases, wounds
Iraq for bronchitis, colds, cough, excessive mucous, flu, menstrual disorders, respiratory difficulty, reducing secretions, urinary insufficiency and to increase perspiration
Mexico for birth control, bladder problems, blood cleansing, constipation, hair loss, kidney stones, liver function, menstrual disorders, respiratory distress
Peru for asthma, colds, cough, congestion, excessive mucous, flu, gallstones, hair loss, heartburn, hydrophobia, liver problems, menstrual disorders, respiratory problems, sore throat, stomach problems, urinary insufficiency, and to increase perspiration
U.S. for chills, coughs, excessive mucous, fever, flu, lung problems, menstrual disorders, menstrual pain, respiratory ailments, sclerosis (spleen), sores, urinary insufficiency and to sooth membranes and increase perspiration



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Venus hair fern (Adianthum capillus veneris - Avenca)  500g

Venus hair fern (Adianthum capillus veneris - Avenca) 500g

Venus hair fern (Adianthum capillus veneris - Avenca)  500g

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