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Bitterwort (Gentiana lutea) roots, 500g

Bitterwort, Gentiana lutea, roots, 500g

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Gentiana lutea





  • anthelmintic [an agent that destroys or expels intestinal worms and/or parasites; vermicide; vermifuge]
  • antiseptic [an agent for inhibiting the growth of microorganism on living tissue or destroying pathogenic or putrefactive bacteria]
  • bitter [applied to bitter tasting drugs which act on the mucous membranes of the mouth and stomach to increase appetite and promote digestion]
  • cholagogue [an agent for increasing the flow of bile into the intestines]
  • depurative [an agent that cleanses and purifies the system, especially the blood]
  • emmenagogue [an agent that promotes menstrual flow]
  • febrifuge [an agent that reduces or eliminates fevers]
  • gastric stimulant [an agent that excites or quickens the functional activity of the tissues giving more energy]
  • refrigerant [an agent that lowers abnormal body heat, relieves thirst and gives a feeling of coolness]
  • stomachic [an agent that strengthens, stimulates or tones the stomach]
  • tonic [an agent that tones, strengthens and invigorates organs or the entire organism giving a feeling of well-being]


Usage of Gentian

Medicinal Parts Used: The Root and Rhizomes

Gentian is used for:

Blood Conditions

  • blood cleanser
  • raises the white blood cell count

Brain and Nervous System Conditions

  • hysteria

Gastrointestinal Conditions

  • dyspepsia
  • fainting spells
  • flatulence (gas/wind)
  • catarrhal gastritis with diarrhea
  • gastro-intestinal inflammations
  • griping pains and stitches
  • heartburn
  • improves appetite and poor digestion
  • indigestion
  • promotes the flow of digestive juices and bile
  • stomach ache
  • strengthens the activity of the stomach (take half an hour before meals)
  • vomiting
  • weakness of the digestive organs

Female Conditions

  • female weaknesses

Liver Conditions

  • biliousness
  • jaundice
  • promotes the flow of bile


  • anorexia
  • counters poisons, putrefaction and pestilence
  • general debility
  • discourages the smoking habit
  • intermittent fevers
  • relieves a fever

Externally Gentian can be used:

  • for soothing inflammation
  • in footbaths
  • to wash wounds

Other Uses:

  • in bitter liqueurs

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Bitterwort (Gentiana lutea) roots, 500g

Bitterwort (Gentiana lutea) roots, 500g

Bitterwort, Gentiana lutea, roots, 500g

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