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Shark cartilages 90 Pills 500mg

Shark cartilages, 90 Pills 500mg

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90 Pills 500mg


The connective tissue found in the skeletal system of a number of animals and humans is called cartilage. Shark cartilages have become very popular for their alleged benefits in treating various illnesses. The cartilage is majorly extracted from the fins and head of sharks, although they have cartilage all over their body. It is dried completely before it is pulverized to obtain shark cartilage extract, which is a fine white powder. However, liquid extract is also now available. The compounds present in the cartilage are actually large molecules of carbohydrates and proteins, called glycoproteins and proteogycans. Calcium and protein salts are also present in the cartilage. Other than this there are also phosphorus, amino acids and minerals present in the cartilage.

Shark Cartilage Extract Benefits

The compounds present in shark cartilage help in improving elasticity of the tissues and healing of torn ligaments. The shark cartilage uses extend to skin care as well, as the cartilage helps in rejuvenating the skin and the connective tissue.

The different minerals present in the cartilage are beneficial for bone health. The compounds present in the cartilage help in replenishing the joint fluid lubricant and cartilage components. It is also helps in fighting inflammation, due to which it is said to be helpful in the treatment of arthritis. Taking the supplements regularly help in improving the health of the joints. Moving the joints becomes easier and reduces pain and discomfort caused by arthritis up to a large extent.

Using shark cartilage helps in lowering the risk of osteoporosis. The collagen and glycosaminaglycans, along with calcium, phosphorous and sulphates help in bone formation and prevent degeneration, which is commonly seen in patients suffering from osteoporosis. It is also able to counteract thinning of bone density, commonly seen in osteoporosis patients.

Powder or liquid shark cartilage extract is said to be beneficial in the treatment of cancer as well. The supplements help in slowing or stopping the growth of cancer. The cartilage contains a particular type of protein, which is able to stop the process of angiogenesis, which is the blood vessel development. For cancer to grow, it needs a network of blood vessels, but when the blood supply is cut off, the tumor starves and shrinks or disappears.

One of the alternative treatment for psoriasis is shark cartilage. The characteristics of psoriasis is thickening and shedding of the skin, which is caused due to abnormal formation of capillaries. Taking shark cartilage supplements helps in combating the condition. Applying the extract topically also helps in alleviating the condition.


90 Pills 500mg


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