Carduus Marianus - Milkthistle - Mother tincture 125ml Maximize

Carduus Marianus - Milkthistle - Mother tincture 125ml

Carduus Marianus - Milkthistle - Mother tincture 125ml

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Mother tincture





Milk Thistle in Action

For centuries, Milk Thistle has been used to treat a variety of ailments. Modern medical research has proved that the plant is useful for treating liver problems: the seeds contain silymarin, which protects and regenerates the liver. Milk Thistle has no known adverse effects on the body.


How Milk Thistle Can Help

  • Milk Thistle has a major effect on a number of vital body functions:
    Stimulates the liver and gall bladder and aids bile flow.
  • Encourages bowel movement and removes attendant toxicity.
    Clears the kidneys, promoting better urination.
  • Improves the functioning of the liver, thereby helping to clear skin.
  • Helps soften kidney stones and gallstones
  • Alleviates painful menstruation and is an invaluable all-round pre-menstrual herb.
  • Many conditions that benefit from Milk Thistle are 'diseases of civilisation', such as symptoms of a sluggish and unresponsive liver, which are frequently induced by a stressful lifestyle that puts additional pressure upon the liver by loading it with toxins. Coffee, alcohol, junk food, prescription drugs (particularly analgesics, anti-depressants and tranquillisers, which are taken as an antidote to many of these ailments but instead exacerbate them), environmental chemicals and pollutants, vegetables sprayed with pesticides, smoking, excessive quantities of red meat and fatty foods may all increase the risk of liver damage.
  • Eliminating these causative factors, while using Milk Thistle as a back-up treatment for the liver, will help restore health and protect against future damage.


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