ROSEMARY - Alecrim - (Rosmarinum officinalis) 30g Maximize

ROSEMARY - Alecrim - (Rosmarinum officinalis) 30g

Rosmarinum officinalis - Rosemary  30g

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Rosmarinum officinalis



It is still quite common to brew rosemary into a medicinal tea (as it was in ancient times) and to use its essential oils for medicinal purposes. In times of plague the herb was burned to help purify and it was also common to see people carrying sprigs of rosemary to ward off illnesses. And, historically people would dry their clothes over rosemary bushes as the smell would later deter moth activity. Rosemary is also held to:

Help with arthritis, rheumatism and joint pains.

Help with the digestive process.

Help break down bad odours as use in a mouthwash.

Help keep hair shiny and dandruff free when used as a rinse.

Help treat depression and nervous disorders.

Help treat headaches.

Help with cold and flu symptoms.

Help treat bruises, burns and wounds.

Help alleviate water retention during menstruation.

The strong scent of the herb also makes it a perfect pot pourri ingredient and its cleansing and drying properties make it a popular facial treatment.

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