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Solanum paniculatum (Jurubeba) 500g

Solanum paniculatum, Jurubeba  500g

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 The indigenous uses of Jurubeba is very poorly documented, but its use in Brazilian medicine has been described quite well. Jurubeba is listed as an official drug in the Brazilian Pharmacopea as a specific for anemia and for liver disorders. Jurubeba has long been used for liver and digestive disorders. In 1965, Dr. G.L. Cruz wrote that "the roots, leaves and fruit are used as a tonic and decongestive. It stimulates the digestive functions and reduces the swelling of the liver and spleen. It is a good remedy against chronic hepatitis, intermitent fever, uterine tumors, and hydropsy." The leaves and roots are commonly used in Brazilian medicine today as a tonic, for fevers, anemia, erysipelas, hepatitis, liver and spleen disorders, urinary tumors, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic gastritis and other digestive functions. Jurubeba leaf tea is a common household remedy throughout Brazil for hangovers and to relieve indigestion and bloating from too much alcohol and food consumption.


Family: Solanaceae
Genus: Solanum
Species: paniculatum
Synonyms: None
Common Names: Jurubeba, jubeba, juribeba, juripeba, jupela, juripeba, juuna, juvena, jurubebinha, jurubeba-branca, jurubeba-verdadeira
Parts Used: Leaves, roots, fruit




Amazonia for alcohol excess, digestive problems, liver disorders, liver tonic, inflammation, spleen inflammation, uterine tumors, water retention
Brazil for abscesses (internal), anemia, anorexia, bile insufficiency, bladder problems, blood cleansing, bloating, boils, catarrh, congestion, contusions, constipation, convalescence, cystitis, debility, diabetes, digestive sluggishness, dyspepsia, edema, erysipelas, fever, flatulence, gallbladder inflammation, gastric disorders, hangover, headache, heartburn, hepatitis, hives, irritable bowel syndrome, itch, jaundice, liver problems, liver tonic, malaria, menstrual disorders, nausea, skin disorders, spleen inflammation, tumors (uterine/abdominal), ulcers (stomach/skin), water retention, wounds
U.S.A. for alcohol excess, digestive sluggishness, gastric disorders, inflammation, liver tonic, spleen inflammation, stomach ulcers, water retention



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