Avenca  (Maidenhair fern - Adianthum capillus v.)  1 liter Maximize

Avenca (Maidenhair fern - Adianthum capillus v.) 1 liter

Avenca  (Maidenhair fern - Adianthum capillus v.) 1 liter of herbal extract

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(Maidenhair fern - Adianthum capillus v.)

1 liter of herbal extract

Maidenhair fern is also known as Venushaar
and one of the world's most common and widespread ferns.
Class: Real ferns (Polypodiopsida)
Order: Polypodiales
Family: Pteridaceae
Genus: Female Hair Ferns (Adiantum)
Occurrence & Origin:
In Europe, the fern is widespread in the Mediterranean up to protected locations of the Southern Alps. He is also found in southern England.

The plant:
The up to 40 cm tall plant has a very thin stem, which is covered with golden-brown to medium brown membranous scales. The green, fan-shaped leaves are hanging to upright and overhanging. The fronds usually grow relatively dense and are usually 20 to 35 cm long. They are irregularly two- to three-pinnate and in outline triangular to lanceolate.

The plant loves moist, shady places and tolerates a strong frost. On calcareous sites, large stocks are often found.

The plant contains tannins, mucus and flavonoids.

Use in the kitchen:
The maidenhair fern is offered in Central Europe in almost all garden centers as a houseplant.

Medical application:
The medicinal plant is used for cough, bronchitis, asthma and sore throat.
The plant is also often part of hair shampoo and care products for the scalp.
Maidenhair fern must not be used internally during pregnancy. Internal use should always be under medical supervision.

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