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100 Kapseln



Nach neuesten brasilianischen Forschungsergebnissen bekaempft diese Kraeutermischung Vorhofflimmern und gestoerten Herzrythmus mit besten Erfolgen.

Laut der Reportage der GLOBO NEWS welche mit Forschern an der USP gedreht wurde, wurde festgestellt dass diese Mischung den Rythmus stabilisiert und das Herz normal schlagen laesst.

Der Link zur Reportage


Einfach, natuerlich und wirksam.


Die Kraeuter sind 

Catuaba, Guarana, Ingwer und Marapuama.


Bekaempfen Sie Ihre Herzprobleme natuerlich, ohne Nebenwirkungen.


100 Kapseln




Hier der Text in Englisch

Medicinal herbs can prevent heart fibrillation

Remedy, which is being tested, contains ginger, guarana, and muira puama. In rabbits, not only healed fibrillation, as had preventive action.


It still does not exactly know the impact of 'stress of everyday life' on our health, as some people were moved more and how others suffer less. But one thing seems certain: the stress influences our health. It depends on the time we live or experiences that we are about to face.

The anguish of seeing the time pass too quickly, of the traffic stop, can do harm.

Sometimes it's the pressure of work, school, a race and full of life concerns.Rafael was 22, working and studying, when suddenly, in a subway station had a sudden bad.

"I vaguely remember having lost consciousness and fallen on the train. On the day, I did not know what it was. I then had an arrhythmia fibrillation and falls with arrest. They had two cardiologists on the same train. They did cardiac massage with defibrillator and made my resuscitation. But that was it, I was not here telling my story. "

The defibrillator, equipment releases an electrical discharge, the patient's chest, is now the only salvation for those who go through such a situation. So, we went to the Faculty of Medicine, University of São Paulo meet an experience that was born by chance, but it can bring good results in the treatment and prevention of heart diseases.

The search was on side effects of a medicine based on herbs, indicated for depression, but it is found that can handle the most serious ventricular fibrillation is when the heart starts beating out of rhythm, preventing pumping blood to the body.

The experiment was done with the heart of a rabbit, which was removed, but still pulsing, pumping a special liquid that leaves the living organ. The researchers then use a battery to cause fibrillation.The heart is wildly, and the monitor shows the fibrillation. That's when you enter the next stage of the experiment: the medicine.

The statement was made by combining four herbs: catuaba, ginger, guarana, and muira puama.The substance is injected into the liquid that is going through the heart of the rabbit. "The remedy came there, and he beat normal"

But Velasco teacher team wanted to know if this remedy would create a prevention for future fibrillation. "We turn to do the same from start procedure fibrilou the heart, which is the shock, and you will see that it has no effect, does not return to fibrillar more. The remedy created a protective cover that heart. He protected in some way to the cell membrane, but we do not yet know the exact mechanism, but it protects. We believe that the future might not be in defibrillation, but rather in preventing ventricular fibrillation. "

Scientists USP still have some challenges ahead. Among them, they have to know the importance of each herb in the composition of the substance. And perhaps the most difficult of them is also know the origin of these herbs. In the case of muira puama, they have realized that only the herb comes from specific point of Bahia North has more potential to be used as a remedy heart.

The researchers themselves caution: it is not that simple. They argue that working with other herbs deepen: "What is missing is direct research of plants not selling in stalls, but bringing the university to investigate. It takes longer, is more expensive, but more efficient "

Fully recovered, Rafael continues working and studying, but in a different rhythm. "Today, we will have more calmly looking embrace giving to embrace really, but it's super quiet now."

The study lasts for 12 years and there is still no estimate on when power will be tested in humans.

Cardiologist Isa Bragança gives tips on how to predict heart problems

Food : "In fair best nutrients to the heart. Fresh food which contains vitamins, potassium, calcium, food that people really need in the prevention of heart disease, fresh, people need to prevent heart disease "

Exercise : "When done right and focused prevents diseases like diabetes, hypertension, increased cholesterol and stress, now so common day. Conducted on a regular basis, with moderate to strong, relieves stress.

Medical examinations : "Who wants to make physical activity and also those who have to make should consult a doctor and perform an electrocardiogram."


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